ASEM provides superior technical analysis and consulting services to improve the IC packaging development process and to allow circuit designers the maximum flexibility in their designs.

Electrical Simulation

ASEM is dedicated to provide IC package electrical characteristics design and analysis in terms of simulation. We also work closely with customers to co-design custom IC packaging solutions.

Thermal Simulation

As the demand of high power density and highly reliable electronic packages grows, thermal management becomes a crucial issue. Hence, electronic package designers have to consider the optimization of thermal performance in early development stage.

ASEM offers state-of-art thermal modeling using commercial FEM software ANSYS that enables engineers to predict the thermal performance with the material structures and package geometry. ASEM provides component- level and system-level thermal analyses with elements such as heat slug, heat sink and PCB. The optimized thermal solution and design can be provided through the fast and reliable FEM analyses. Customer can utilize the information to optimize the design by making modification prior to fabrication which can reduce cycle time to market and cost.

Mechanical Simulation

Electronic package structure is built with various materials such as chip silicon, copper leadframe, substrate, epoxy, heat slug and mold compound. Every individual material behaves differently in different environment and temperature during the reliability testing and field application.

This phenomenon induces stress-related issues during processes or application environment such as warpage, die crack, delamination, and solder joint fatigue. Mechanical simulation using FEM commercial software ANSYS can help to predict the potential risk of package and chip failures. The analyses can be used to minimize the package thermal stress and warpage by optimizing the material selection and package geometry.


- Package or strip warpage
- Material interface delamination
- Die stress and crack
- Leads vibration due to bonding forces
- Solder joint life prediction

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