Mechanical Simulation


Electronic package structure consists of various interface materials such as silicon chip, copper leadframe, substrate, epoxy, heat slug and plastic mold compound. Each individual material has different material strength and behaves differently in different environment and temperature during the production, reliability testing and field application. This phenomenon will cause material interfaces mismatch and induces stress-related issues during processes or application environment such as warpage, die crack, delamination, and solder joint fatigue. These will become very crucial and serious when dealing with plastic mold compound package.

ASEM mechanical simulation team is dedicated to offers state-of-art mechanical modeling using commercial FEM software ANSYS and Apache detailed modeling software. ASEM enables engineers to predict the potential risk of package and chip failures.

The analyses can be used to minimize the package thermal-stress and warpage by optimizing the material selection and package geometry.


- Package or strip warpage
- Material interface delamination
- Die stress and crack
- Solder joint life prediction
- Warpage & stress enhancement solutions

Simulation Software

- Apache TI

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