Final Test


Final Test is a process where IC units which are assembled, encapsulated and singulated will be tested on its electrical functionality.

Final Test process done with the presence of the equipment called Handler and Tester. A lot with units will be loaded into a Handler with respective settings and the handler will pick and place the units and placed on the test site for testing. The test site in the handler is connected to a Tester. The electrical functionality of the units will be tested via lead / lead pad the units. The signal from test site will be sent to tester to determine if a unit pass or fail electrically. Upon completion the process, a Test summary will be provided by the tester which print out the results of the testing performed.

Final Test is a very crucial as wafer sort process because it sort out the good tested units and reject unit into different bins. This process will determine the electrically good units to be shipped out and indicate the presence Assembly Process Issues via the Test Results.

Test Capabilities



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