Wafer Sort


Wafer Sort is a process where a die is tested electrically while still in wafer form.

Wafer Sort process done with the presence of equipment called wafer prober and Tester. A wafer prober is an equipment where the wafers will be handled inside by the prober to be placed on a platform called chuck to be probed by a probe card. Probe Card is a tool which fixed on a prober and connected to a Tester. Tester is the equipment to process the data and provide the probing results for the wafers probed. A wafer Map will be provided by Foundry which resemble the actual wafer. After wafer sort process this map will be marked accordingly to identify the pass and fail dies by Tester Equipment which will be sent to next process later on.

Wafer Sort Process is very crucial process because the results will indicate the number of the electrically failed dies in one lot. This data will be used by Foundry to see the relative problem in their process to and also for Assembly process to identify which dies to be picked for die attach process.

Wafer Sort Capabilities

Probing with Inkless Wafer Mapping

  • Wafer Size - 5" - 12" (inch)
  • Wafer Thickness - 13 mils (min)
  • In Line Pad Pitch - 45 micron (min)
  • Staggered Pad Pitch - 40 micron (min)
  • Probe Temp. - Ambient - 135°C

Prober available in-house

  • TEL P12XLn+/Precio, EG4090U and TSK UF200
  • Multi-sites probe capability
  • Bump wafer probe
  • Sample sort process
  • Inking is available as 'non-std' option
  • Full support on probe card fabrication and maintenance

Wafer Sort : Bump Wafer probe

  • Setup Using TEL P12 Xln+ / Precio
  • 8” and 12” wafer
  • 13/25 slots automated FOUP handling
  • Multiple tester platform head stage integration HP93k, Catalyst, Magnum, Chroma etc
  • Max OD limit control by Wafer file (Recipe file)
  • Using Crown & Flat tip probe card

Automated Wafer Inspection System

  • Nikon Optistation 3000 (OTS3000)
    • Class 5K Operation
    • Integrated Image Capturing
    • High throughput
    • Wafer Size : 200mm, 300mm
    • Macro : Surface, backside, edge, and macro image capture functions

Probecard Analyser

  • Alignment, Coplanarity, Contact Force
  • Contact resistance, Leakage, Wire Check
  • Centilever/Vertical Probecard


  • Uses patented technology providing vacuum-free edge or back side contact wafer transfer
  • FFU ensures a Class 0.1 mini-environment
  • Efficient alignment & OCR device embedded on the end effector, for high throughputs


Wafer Probe

  • Alignment, Coplanarity, Contact Force
  • Contact resistance, Leakage, Wire Check
  • Centilever/Vertical Probecard
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