Thermal Simulation


Due to current trends in IC design that increased device functionality and complexity while shrinking device size, so as the demand of high power density and highly reliable electronic packages grows, thermal management becomes a crucial issue. Hence, an effective way of remove power and maintain device temperature within the reliable range is a key to the success of new package development.

ASEM thermal simulation team is dedicated to offers state-of-art thermal modeling using commercial FEM software ANSYS and Apache detailed modeling software. ASEM enables engineers to predict the package such LBGA, PBGA, HSBGA, HFCBGA, QFP, QFN, SSOP, LED etc. thermal performance with the material structures and package geometry. ASEM provides component- level and system-level thermal analyses and solutions with elements such as heat slug, heat spreader, heat sink and PCB. The optimized thermal solution and design can be provided through the fast and reliable FEM analyses.

Customer can utilize the information to optimize the design by making modification prior to fabrication which can reduce cycle time to market and cost.

Thermal Characteristics

- θJA (Junction to ambient thermal resistance)
- θJC (Junction to case thermal resistance)
- θJB (Junction to board thermal resistance)
- ψJT (Junction to top thermal characterization parameter)
- ψJB (Junction to board thermal characterization parameter)
- Tjmax (Max die junction temperature)
- Pmax (Max power dissipated by device)
- 2 thermal resistor / Delphi modeling
- FloTherm CCM modeling
- High power & High thermal package solutions

Simulation Software

- Apache TI

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