President's Message

Lee Kwai Mun
President, ASE (South East Asia)

Over the years, ASE Malaysia has grown from strength to strength. We constantly strive to become better. Good is “good enough” for most. But here at ASE Malaysia, we want to be better than good. We want to be great. Today, I am proud to say that ASE Malaysia has built a strong team of both Operations and Engineering personnel that has many years of semiconductor experience gained both at ASE and outside of ASE. On top of the many years of experiences, these team of people are energized and passionate about what they do. In this challenging environment, we need people who are engaged, loyal and passionate about what they do. I am very proud to be part of the team at ASE Malaysia.

And, where will we be if we do not have the support of our loyal customers. Over the years, ASE Malaysia has built up a list of customers that consist of both large and “not so” large customers that has helped us grow in different ways. We work very closely with our customers and we are truly partners in every sense of the word. For this, I am grateful to the ASE Malaysia customers whom I have always regarded as partners and friends.

Finally, I want to convey my heart felt sense of gratitude to the loyal and dedicated people at ASE Malaysia that has contributed so much to ASE Malaysia. They are truly the people responsible for bringing the company to where it is today.

Together, we can all look forward to better future for us and ASE Malaysia.

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